Your Personal Doctor - ECC- ELIZAHello Friends... I am having the awesome utility for all of you. and that is your personal doctor and adviser.
Yes Friends This is a very unique Tool which is capable of replying your any kind of question you ask... You can ask anything to her. and she will reply in less than 3 seconds. you are able to talk on any matter with her. and she replies the

accurate answers and satisfies you. 

It is an interactive, command-line, computerized psychologist which uses various computer algorithms to process natural English sentences and to produce its own. ECC-Eliza is an amusing, artificially-intelligent psychologist which can chat with you in plain English, using advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence) methods, and solve your problems.. 

Just download it as it is just of 170 KB.... yes just that much small and superb.... you will surely love to chat with her...... so just download it and chat with her OFFLINE.... ya there is no need of any kind of internet connection. once you download it you can chat anytime you want..... ELIZA will be available 24/7 for you... So Try this and tell me if you like it or not... please comment below for your response....

Just Download it from here :-
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