Bind Multiple Files In Single File With Easy Binder
Easy Binder is very helpful software. As many of my readers asked me about this that how to bind the multiple files inside one file. So here is the simplest solution for this. there is not much effort required for this. You just need to download this small utility to perform this action. You can easily bind multiple files into a single file. There is no limit of files. You can bind any amount of files you want. And the most amazing thing about this is it is totally undetectable. and there is no limitation of the file types. You can bind files of any type. Now you can bind multiple files very easily as well as you can set any icon for that bound file. As i have
provided lots of amazing and common icons in this pack. You just have to bind the file then just select the icon which is most suitable for your file and that is it...

Easy Binder features:

# unlimited files can be bound (joined)

# can bind any file type that is needed by the executable for a properly run

# the icon of the Host file (final bound file) can be changed

# the Host file (final bound file) is 100% FUD to all AV's

# Its 100% Free

So Just download it from the below link and have fun.. :) and do not forget to comment below if you like my work.. :) and also if you face any kind of problem in using that then please comment below :) Thanks & Enjoy :)
Bind Multiple Files Download Easy Easy Binder
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