Automatically ShutDown/Restart Your ComputerHere i am back with very useful tool which is Intelligent Shut Down.  i am providing all of you its latest version. Well this tool helps you to save your electricity when your computer is no longer in use. Many times it happens that we download a large file and it takes even whole night to complete download and we just go to bed and keep our computer system on and in the morning we find that our file has finished downloading 4 hours ago or 3 hours ago and so on. So here

there is a unnecessary wastage of electricity. 

Also there can be a condition when you copy large files and usually it takes much time and you don't sit there continuously so all these conditions can occur  which can be easily saved if this superb tool is present on your system. There are multiple tasks you can perform with the help of this tool. You can set various things like what should happen after a particular process for example Shut down or Restart or stand by or log off etc etc. Well this is really a very intelligent tool which observes the real CPU usage and if we set it to 5 or 10 or anything then when ever CPU usage will reach that limit the predefined action will be performed automatically. It is very easy to use software you can easily understand its features and settings.

Automatically ShutDown/Restart Your Computer
So your PC stays off, instead of running useless until the next day and unnecessarily consumes power. This saves time, protects your hardware, and increases the life of your PC.

Important Note :-
We are not promoting the cracks and serial keys here.. If you want the full version of it then please buy it from the official website or contact me personally.

Just download it and have fun Download it from the below link :-

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You can visit their official website :-
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