We Salute Google

As all of us know the unforgettable incident held in Delhi, INDIA before 15 days. When a brave girl became a victim of Gang Rape in the moving bus by the 6 cruel men.

Well she not only suffered a gang rape but also physical harm with the Iron Rod multiple times,which damaged her body parts internally 3 days ago all her body parts stopped working, Finally she was shifted to a
Singapore hospital but she couldn't survived. Finally after fighting 13 days she lost her life.

This terrible incident disturbed all the nation and every one is demanding the capital punishment for all six cruel bastards who have been caught by Delhi Police next day of that incident.

Well the girl was named as DAMINI by indian media. The girl taken her last breath before yesterday after a long struggle. Everyone is paying tribute to her, Whole nation is praying and giving blessings to that 23 years old girl damini wherever she is.

Everyone in the country is deeply hurt after hearing that incident and paying tribute to indian brave girl.

We really appreciate and salute Google for paying tribute to that girl by its own manner. You can see the below homepage of Google.co.in

We Salute Google

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