How To Send Dislike,Mid Finger & Rocking Sign In Chatbox
Hello Friends. Well its a common search on various search engines what Facebook Missed and that is some most demanding signs and buttons which could make the chatting experience more interesting if they are present.

But unfortunately Facebook has not officially provided these signs for use such as DISLIKE BUTTON, MIDDLE FINGER SIGN And ROCKING SIGN. But still you can add it while having chat with your

Well its quite easy as there is some predefined codes,

you need to use while having chat.

Just see the below image to see how to apply these buttons and signs to your Facebook Chat.

How To Send Dislike,Mid Finger & Rocking Sign In Chatbox

So as you can see in the above image there are three types of new signs you can use in your conversation :-

Middle Finger :- [[midfing]]

Dislike :- [[iidislyk]]

Rocks :- [[roxsign]]

So enjoy these unique signs in your Facebook Chat and impress your friends. If you have some more unique sign then share with us. Also don't forget to like this post if you like those signs.
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