Type In HINDI Without HINDI Typing Knowledge

Well here not just particularly talking about just HINDI language, Here i am going to tell you the tricks by which you can type in any language without having the FONTS of that language as well as without having the knowledge of that particular language typing. With the help of this trick you would be able to type in any language in the world.

There is a superb and very effective tool is available which is provided by the Giant Google. Yes GOOGLE is providing a free tool named as GOOGLE INPUT TOOLS by which typing into any language becomes so easy as you don't need to learn the specific typing course to type the particular language's fonts. 

Type In HINDI Without HINDI Typing KnowledgeFor instance we are taking the HINDI language, Suppose you have to type something in hindi language, assume that you are working somewhere as an employee and your boss wants the Hindi Typed pages at good speed then?? Would you say no to your boss? obviously NO. It may affect your job, so be creative, Just use the below mentioned tool and PROBLEM SOLVED.!!

With the help of this software you would be able to type in any language as you have to type in ENGLISH which is of-course a universal language and your english typed words will automatically convert into the language you have selected.

For instance if you type in english "MERA NAAM AMIT HAI" then it would automatically convert it to the HINDI language and will display as "मेरा नाम अमित है !"

Type In HINDI Without HINDI Typing Knowledge

Well so easy. This tool is "GOOGLE INPUT TOOLS" You can easily download them in various languages according to your choice and the most amazing thing is that it is absolutely FREE..!!!

So just download the GOOGLE INPUT TOOLS and freely Type in any language required.

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