Well there are various softwares are available which are quite good at cleaning your computer and boost up the speed. You can check our post about Auslogics Boost Speed and download it free. In case you don't want to download any of the software then you can clean your PC without any software also with two easy steps.

These steps are so easy and less time consuming and you will see the immediate change in your PC speed,
In this tutorial we are going to clean the temporary files as well as well as Prefetch which will boost your PC speed without any kind of software.
So just follow the below steps and have fun :-

Step 1 : Press Windows Key + R to open the RUN prompt.

Step 2 : Now simply type  %temp% and press OK.

Step 3 : It will open a new window and you will see lots of folders and files there, Just Press Ctrl + A to select them all.

Step 4 :- After selection just press Ctrl+Shift+Delete key to delete all those files. With this step you have cleaned the unnecessary temporary files.

Step 5 :- Now move on to the next step. Just press windows key + R again to open RUN prompt.

Step 6 : Now this time write Prefetch and press Enter.

Step 7 : It will open another window with lots of unnecessary files just follow the Step 3 & Step 4 again.

So that's it you will notice the boost in your PC speed immediately. So just try these two commands and have fun. If you know some more commands like this you can share them below in comments.
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