Well today i am sharing a very nice and Geeky trick with all of you. Well this trick does not require any kind of software. This is just for fun and it is really gonna impress your friends and they are gonna appreciate your Creative mind. So just take a look at the below simple but awesome windows trick which can be done with the Simple COMMAND PROMPT of the windows :-

First of all open the Command Prompt. To open it just press Windows
Key + R. It will open a RUN Prompt. Type CMD here.

Once command Prompt is opened now the real geeky fun begins. Now simply gather some of your friends to show your skills. Now in command prompt first Type :-

Cd\   and hit Enter.

Now Type COLOR A and hit ENTER to change the color of your command prompt's text and see what happens.

So after you have Changed your Command Prompt to the HACKER'S Colors now to make it feel like a PROFESSIONAL HACKER is working on a computer on a major project of something just type :-

TREE and hit ENTER.

Now try it yourself and tell us if you felt like a real hacker or not.. If you liked this FUN process then don't forget to share it with your Friends and have fun. ;) If you have any kind of problem or have any suggestion then simply comment below with your response. 
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